He's baaaaak

Anyone for some Rocket League?

It's been a while since we last supported multiple game titles within FM and as an avid supporter of all things United Kingdom, we're happy to announce that we've delved into a brand new title, albeit with a couple of familiar faces!

The last time we had George and Ben under the FM banner they were playing Nadeo's First Person Shooter, Shootmania. An extremely fast paced, FPS title with a rather unique 3v3 format. Naturally, this means that their next title was to be the fast paced, motoring meets football phenomenon, Rocket League.. Wait, what?

With some online success and local tournament wins, the guys are looking to translate their previous team chemistry (with the addition of newcomer, Distan) into Rocket League with the upcoming Insomnia59 Rocket League Open tournament where the guys will be competing once again!

FM.Rocket League is now:
George "caspa" Stephens
Ben "microstar" Kyle
Ryan "Distan" Hamblett

As well as Insomnia59, the team will be looking to compete in all and any available online events, including the upcoming Rocket League Championship Series qualifiers. This also means that we'll now have FMESPORTS CS:GO, Rocket League and a community CS:GO team in attendance next weekend so hopefully we'll see you there!

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