Girls Bootcamp

Ergotech Bootcamp: 2 days down!

As the wise man, Jon Bon Jovi once said, we're half way there.. With "there" being the end of our female team's CS:GO bootcamp here in sunny Copenhagen!

After the initial set up, everybody got down to business by getting to grips with the delivery from our new friends at Ergotech. 6 of their awesome Freedom Arm Monitor Stands were delivered to us for use this week and we were excited to see what they could do.

After setting the first one up we knew that we were onto a winner as the monitors provided at the bootcamp had an awkward stand that made it a little annoying to get the perfect balance of monitor and keyboard positions (this is often why you'll see players with slanted keyboards as they have to manoeuvre their keyboards around the monitor stands to prevent them from being unstable and moving out whilst playing!) so having no stand sitting on top of the desks meant we could have the monitor and keyboard in the ideal position for playing.

I won't ramble on too much about the stand itself in this post as we have reviews, unboxing and construction pieces on the way but if you're reading this and have ever had to suffer a wobbly keyboard or a weird, angled position then trust me, the Freedom Arm will save you..

Jenny's ultimate CS playing position

Tuesday night (12th September) saw us take on our first opposition in the ESL Female Winter 2017 season where after a promising first map, we unfortunately fell 2-1 in the season opener. We have the ability to bounce straight back on Thursday (14th September) night though with a game against the South African girls of Finesse Energy. Stay tuned to our social media pages for further information and streams for this game closer to the time!

Back to the bootcamp and CS now but we'll be continuing to post further content on our Twitter and Facebook over the next few days so make sure you're following us there to get the lowdown.

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