ESL Premiership Victory

ESL CS:GO Premiership Champions!

After many weeks of qualifying and regulation season games, the conclusion of the ESL Premiership was upon us in Leicester last weekend with some familiar foes on the other side of the stage.

Fish123 are a "team" synonymous with UK Counter Strike and always manage to crop up in the national leagues, often making their way to the playoffs and finals and this season was no exception. They'd managed to beat out the teams around them in the very last week of the ESL Premiership season and found support from MnM-Gaming to boot.

How we made the finals:

Week 1: 2:0 vs Infused
Week 2: 2:0 vs ROYALS UK
Week 3: 2:0 vs Impulse Gaming
Week 4: 1:1 vs exceL eSports
Week 5: 1:1 vs Imperial
Week 6: 2:0 vs Endpoint
Week 7: 2:0 vs fish123 (MnM-Gaming)

After the 7 games, we finished in 1st place, receiving a veto advantage going into the Grand Final. de_dust2 and de_nuke were the 2 maps to be vetoed, with de_cache, de_mirage, de_overpass, de_cobblestone and de_train as the maps to be played if required. The opener, Cache, was a one sided affair once the pistol and anti-eco rounds were out of the way, with 16 successive rounds won by the guys to end it 16-3. MnM had other plans however moving into the 2nd map (Mirage) and wanted to spend a bit more time on stage and after being 15-12 down, we dug in and secured ourselves overtime. It wasn't plain sailing from there though, it took double overtime and some magic from stan1eyy in the B apartments to secure the 2nd map. With a 2-0 scoreline, the guys were confident going into Overpass and wanting to close out the series and with a heavy lead in the first half, it was looking to go our way until a break-down on our terrorist side meant that we just couldn't get through their defence and after an 11:4 first half, a 12-1 lock out by MnM meant we were forced to a 4th in the form of Cobblestone. Another 11:4 first half meant that we were firmly in the driving seat again heading into the CT side but after Overpass we were taking nothing for granted. A push onto the B site with no smokes thrown would prove to be the final straw as Puls3 and stan1eyy picked up the kills needed to close out Cobblestone 16-5 and the Best of 5 series, 3:1!

With this win, we have a direct invite back into the Autumn season of the ESL Premiership and will be looking to defend the first ESL UK title for us as an organisation!

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