Insomnia 59 & UK Masters S2

A week has passed since Insomnia 59 and in turn, the UK Masters Season 2 Grand Finals where we managed to face the same team in Endpoint 3 times over the course of the event. Luckily for us, the boys were on fire and managed to dig deep and bring home the wins!

Day 1 - Friday

The weekend kicked off on Friday evening with Multiplay's UK Masters Season 2 finals. It's an event we've been in before and unfortunately, we were the runners up in Season 1 so we were looking to go one better this season. With a 1-0 map disadvantage though (from coming through the lower bracket of the online stage of playoffs) we had to make sure we started early and carried it through the series. That we did though and after facing a deficit in the 1st map (de_nuke) we managed to pull it back and force overtime. From there, we managed to see it out 22-19, leaving us with effectively, a BO3 to decide the winners. de_cache and de_mirage were the 2nd and 3rd maps of the final and the guys managed to wrap up the UK Masters Season 2 Grand Finals with a 3-1 overall scoreline!

Celebrating the UK Masters win

Day 2 - Saturday

Day 2 saw the beginning of the elimination stage of both the CS:GO and Rocket League tournaments and our Rocket League team had been powering through the group stages and early bracket games whilst the CS:GO guys were busy with UK Masters. Going into the event we were seeded 5th for RL and the guys were starting to upset a few teams and show the rest of the event that they weren't to be under-estimated. This culminated with a Consolidation Final against TCA, the winners would make the Grand Final and the losers would take home 3rd place. Having played on the Insomnia stage multiple times, the team were hungry to make it back and after an intense BO5 series, the managed to bring it home! This set them up with a Grand Final showdown with the tournament favourites. Unfortunately, it was one hurdle too many to overcome and FMESPORTS' first foray into Rocket League ended with a 2nd place finish. The winning reaction from the Consolidation Final can be seen below, apologies for caspa's naughty language at the end..

Day 3 - Sunday

After powering through the Insomnia59 Open bracket on the Saturday, our Counter Strike: Global Offensive team had failed to drop a single map since landing in Birmingham and were determined to keep it that way. An Upper Bracket Final showdown against Team Endpoint (for the 2nd time that weekend) ended with a 2-0 scoreline in our favour, meaning an early night on Saturday and no games until the Grand Final at 18:30 on Sunday. This gave us the opportunity to watch the rest of the bracket unfold and unsurprisingly, it was Endpoint that made their way to the Grand Finals with a win over Team CEX earlier in the day.

Going into the Grand Final confidence was high as we'd not dropped a map vs any team at the event thus far and were currently 5-0 in maps played against Endpoint over the weekend. With a 1 map advantage for the i59 final, we knew that just 2 more would seal the double, though based on previous matchups, it wasn't going to be easy. de_train was the first map of the series and was actually the first time we'd played on this map over the weekend. Endpoint were obviously hoping for the surprise factor! After going down yet again to a 13-9ish scoreline though, the boys dug their heels in and picked up the 1st map 16-13. Moving into de_cache as the 2nd meant Endpoint had to see out every remaining map of the final to take home the title and we were determined to not let it slip! A previous encounter on de_cache went 16-7 in our favour earlier in the weekend but we knew on a 2nd occassion it wouldn't be the same and right we were. Another close game ended with a 2nd 16-13 map win in the Grand Final, thus an overall series score of 3-0, crowning our CS:GO team the i59 Open CS:GO champions!

i59 Open CS:GO Winners

With 3 finals in 3 days, 2 1st place finishes and a 2nd place, we're extremely proud of all of the FMESPORTS teams and players in attendance as it sees out 2016 in a way that will warm the cockles of Yakkkkkk's heart in a way no brandy ever will.. To celebrate last weekend we'll be launching a mega set of giveaways with our various partners so stay tuned to social media and the website. 2017, FMESPORTS is coming for you!

Photos used in article by Sammy Lam/iEventMedia.co.uk

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